Puffin Fire Bricks *NEW*

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Puffin Fire Bricks are our new premium heat logs offering a longer lasting and hotter burn than the Puffin Briquettes. 

Supplied in recyclable cardboard boxes, there are 9 bricks in a box providing between 8 and 12 hours of burn time*

  • Low moisture content
  • Complies with new government plans to phase out coal and wet wood
  • Long burn time - approx 1 hour per log*
  • Intense Heat
  • Cleaner - very little dust and no bark mess
  • No spiders!


CAUTION!  Puffin Fire Bricks give off an intense heat so be careful not to overload your stove or fire.  Bricks can be broken up and added gradually.

Approx 11kg weight per box.

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