Wood Recycling

Wood Recycling Scotland (WRS) has been recycling wood in Scotland for over 20 years.  The recycling plant is based near Stirling and has depots in Inverness and Aberdeenshire with a fleet of vehicles provided by our parent company Harper Contracts.

Recycled wood being fed into shredder

Our Service


WRS offer a Scotland-wide service, providing a cost-effective solution for wood disposal issues.


What Types of Wood Can We Recycle?


We can recycle all types of non-hazardous woods including:


  • All soft and hard woods
  • Pallets
  • Off-cuts, boxes, packing cases
  • Floorboards
  • Chipboard and OSB
  • Plywood


We offer:


  • Curtain-sided vehicles for stackable materials
  • Bulkers and walking floors for pre-crushed materials
  • A customer on-site tip facility


Please note: CCA (copper chrome and arsenate) and other hazardous timbers cannot be accepted (e.g.: railway sleepers and utility poles and all other creosoted materials).

 Harpers lorry on weighbridge at Norbord

What will it cost?


We pay for good quality wood so recycling with us could actually earn you money!  Any costs will be based on the quality of the materials received* and the logistics involved - detailed quotations can be attained by calling us on 01464 820011 or emailing info@harpercontracts.com


Recycling your wood with Harpers is not only a greener option than sending it to landfill, it's also a cost effective one!  Already working with a wood recycler?  Challenge us to beat the price


*The price will be based on the lowest grade of wood in the mix; therefore segregating materials in mixed loads before they arrive on site will prove the most cost effective.