What do we do with your waste wood?

Unlike many wood recyclers in the UK who are burning wood suitable for recycling, 100% of the wood we recover at WRS gets repurposed into the panel board industry through our partnership with Norbord.  In the UK, current sustainable harvest is fully utilised by Harpers and Norbord through a lifecycle of Grow / Use / Re-use / Recycle – and then, and only then, Recover for energy.

It is estimated over 3 million tonnes of wood waste is currently sent to the energy industry every year. (WRA website

Norbord's UK produced panelboard (OSB) has a recycled content of 80%, and because it's made and sold here in the UK it has a lower transportation carbon footprint than plywood or other imports.

The UK consumes more than five million cubic metres of panel board a year.