Wood Processing & Machine Hire

Wood Processing


Harpers offer a mobile wood chipping and shredding service throughout the UK. 


We are currently operating 12 mobile units, including chiparvestors, shredders, tubgrinders and screens, at our customer’s locations throughout the UK.  All of the machines that we use are for high volume production and many have capacities in excess of 1,000 tonnes per day.

Industries that use our mobile service range from green waste, panel board, pulp and paper, to energy generation.  If your business requires large-scale production of wood fuels, wood chips or mulches, then we have the machines and expertise to perform the operation for you, in a cost effective manner.


Morbark Chiparvestor


With Morbark’s patented three-wheel feed system and infeed beds, wood flow is synchronised and fed to the chippers at a controlled rate, producing uniform, high quality chips.  Morbark Chiparvestors are superior in several categories, including ease of transport, strength and durability, hydraulic system functions and overall quality control.  The infeed area is beefed up with T-1 steel for more strength and longer life with less weight, and an adjustable deflector chute means improved work site safety.


The Model 30 units, operated by Harpers, are unique to the British forest industry in their ability to produce the quantity, quality and specification of woodchip required for the pulp and paper industry.  Because of this, we are market leaders in our ability to cater to any company’s specific wood processing requirements.